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Tabono means "oar" or "paddle" in the Adinkra language of Western Africa. It is a symbol of unity of purpose, strength, confidence, and hard work to reach a destination or goal.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide safe and active cannabidiol (CBD) oil that rejuvenates and enriches the quality of your daily life.

Who are we?

mitruehealth is your convenient and first choice for the earth’s most excellent cannabidiol oil. Because your journey is unique, the decision to use CBD oil for its life-enhancing qualities is yours alone. However, we are here to empower you as a source of highly selective CBD products of superb quality. Harness the power of CBD the way nature intended and furthermore, enjoy your journey!

Our Story

mitruehealth is a family operated, veteran-owned business and an advocate for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Staying physically active, mentally acute, and regulating what goes into our bodies to manage our health and wellness is our passion. Our purpose is to provide consumers safe and active cannabidiol (CBD) oil products as a more natural alternative to the pharmaceutical medications proposed in our daily lives.

In the world of health, determining the cause and effect of most chronic illnesses elude modern medicines. In many cases, our symptoms become managed with pharmaceuticals. Our story starts with healthy individuals in their mid-thirties being prescribed synthetic medication to adjust cholesterol levels, which a proper diet and exercise could control. Next; Family members were prescribed multiple medications with some intended to counter another's side effects. These duplications influenced vital signs to fluctuate and cause unnecessary concerns. Finally; The mitruehealth family has stories of loved individuals and pets who have lived with cancer. For us, management with pharmaceuticals masked the pain and led to mild addiction and in one situation, accelerated the terminal condition. In our beloved pet's case, there were no homeopathic options to ease our dog's distress and allow her to pass peacefully at home.

These experiences, along with our passion for wellness without pharmaceuticals, have motivated us to research and make available hemp-derived alternative solutions. Our purpose is to provide consumers safe and active CBD oil that rejuvenates and enriches the quality of your daily life. We promise to deliver superb quality hemp-derived CBD Oil Tinctures, CBD Salve, and CBD Softgels that are safe, active, and affordable.

Make it a yes day!

The mitruehealth family

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